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Press Release: Buffalo Trace Distillery Announces Old Charter Oak: Spanish Oak

Buffalo Trace Distillery continues its exploration into oak tree varietals with the latest release in its Old Charter Oak collection, Spanish Oak Bourbon. Harvested from the forests of northern Spain, the trees used in this year’s experiment were made into staves that were seasoned outdoors before becoming the barrels that aged this unique whiskey. Spanish Oak Bourbon joins the four previous releases in the Old Charter Oak series, including Chinkapin Oak, Mongolian Oak, French Oak, […]

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Bourbon Review

Bourbon Review: Evan Williams Bottled in Bond

Today we review the Evan Williams Bottled in Bond. In 1783, Evan Williams opened Kentucky’s First Distillery on the banks of the Ohio River. Many years and barrels later, they still produce Bourbon the right way, using the same time-honored methods. Today we review what many people call the best value bourbon on the market. The Bottled in Bond is a bourbon that many call the ideal everyday value bourbon. However, not many people outside […]

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